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    Would you be willing to do a short-term lease?

    Lease terms can be negotiated.

    How long are the lease terms?

    Our lease terms are typically 5 years, but could be as long as 10 years.

    What is common area maintenance?

    The costs associated with maintaining the common areas of the property where you lease space.

    Is parking included?

    It depends on the property where you lease space, but in most cases where there is parking, it is considered common area and open on a first come first serve basis to all tenants of a particular property

    What does Triple Net (NNN) Mean

    A Net Net Net Lease, or Triple Net, lease means in addition to base rent a tenant will pay their pro-rata share for real estate taxes, insurance and common area maintenance.

    What is a personal guaranty?

    A personal guaranty is a legal document that makes you personally liable should there be a monetary default under the lease.

    How do I calculate how much my monthly base rent will be?

    Rent per square foot multiplied by the actual square footage of the premises equals your base annual rent. Divide the base annual rent by twelve and that number equals your monthly base rent

    Would you be willing to do a short-term lease?

    Lease terms can be negotiated.

    Are utilities (gas, electric, water) included?

    No, the vast majority of spaces we have available for lease require the tenant to pay utilities directly to the utility provider.

    How do I qualify to lease space?

    You, and your spouse, would need to submit a Personal Financial Statement and full current credit report.

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